Dear patients and families,

Since I last penned an update (back in January), so much has changed in our world, truly proving that the only thing that’s permanent is change.

With Covid-19 still in our midst, yet with many of us now better armed against it thanks to vaccinations, we are all looking toward the end of summer and school resuming. Life resumes.

We would like to give you some updates regarding our dental world.

We continue to take care of our patients with heightened vigilance and precautions. All safety measures against Covid-19, and other bacterial and viral sources, are still in place. This means:

  • Doctors and staff masked and gowned while in the office.
  • Patients and parents are still asked to check in outside the building, minimizing as much inside crowding as possible. This means we’d like to encourage children to come in to the treatment room by themselves. Of course, parents may still a accompany a younger and/or more timid child if needed. We’d just ask that parents be masked up if you do come inside.
  • We ask all parents to please return paperworks( via texting link or downloads from our website) as soon as possible, well before the actual visit. This helps our team to focus on the child as soon as you check in.
  • We are ok with booking 6 months in advance.
  • Any potential new patients, please call and talk to our staff so that we can best determine how to help you.
  • For families with multiple children. We’d like to accommodate and make it convenient by booking all of your children together, with some exceptions: younger children and/or children needing lots of TLC and attention need to come in the morning. Children with braces and pre-adult need more time so can’t always be grouped together. Please trust that we are trying our best to always make it a successful visit for everyone so finding an appropriate time-slot is important.
  • Patients who are under 18 years-old, or patients who are brought to the appointment without a legal guardian, we need to see a signed waiver form from the legal guardian stating that the doctors at SB Children’s Dental Practice are allowed to perform the necessary dental and emergency care, including X-rays, for that day. We used to obtain this consent verbally, but now we would like to have it in written form.

Please do not hesitate to call us for any questions or concerns. We hope that everyone is having a safe and fun summer, and look forward to seeing many of your smiles.

Dr Annie, Dr Jenn, Leanna, Maria, Jon, and Traci